Sprout Hub’s support new communities to grow the things that really matter. The hubs give residents a place to call their own at the very beginning of a new housing development, before more permanent infrastructure is built. It is a space that supports the social ties and connections which are integral to the creation of true, socially resilient communities.


To put our model simply, we look at the café and our community events as being a draw card which brings lots of people to the Hub, then we stand back and let the magic happen; as people form new friendships, get involved in local clubs or associations, or even bring friends and family into the hub to join in the network.
The Hub is the medium, the programming is the driver, and you, the community, are the energy and heart that powers it all along. Maybe folks come in just to enjoy a great coffee, and that’s perfectly fine too! The whole point is that there is a place for the community to come together and celebrate being a part of this unique place, Calderwood Valley.


Calderwood Valley is set to be one of the largest masterplanned communities in the Illawarra Region and offer an address like no other. It is expected that the development will take more than twenty years to complete and when finished, will be home to over 12,500 people.

Sprout Hub will open its doors in April 2017 and support the first residents of Calderwood Valley to grow a thriving new community.
To learn more about Calderwood Valley visit the Lendlease website


Sprout Ventures is the company behind Sprout Hub, a social enterprise committed to stimulating social connection, trust, reciprocity and community contribution through its projects and products. Sprout Ventures is a B Corp Certified company, who won the Social Enterprise Innovation Award in 2015 and in 2017 were names one of Westpac’s 200 Businesses of Tomorrow.
At Sprout Ventures, some days we have to pinch ourselves at how lucky are we to work with such amazing partners. Lendlease have worked closely with us to develop this unique solution for Calderwood Valley. Their innovation, foresight and leadership in the space of community development is fantastic.
For more information on Sprout Hub’s across the country visit this site sproutventures.com.au

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